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Handyman Prices Per Hour In London

Pay Only For The Time It Takes

Book a handyman using Instant Handyman and only pay for the time you need. You can book a handyman for a whole day or just an hour. The minimum is an hour, with per minute charging after that. All quoted prices include VAT and your handyman will bring all their own tools.

Job Mon - Fri Saturday Sunday
7am - 6pm 6pm - 7am 7am - 6pm 6pm - 7am All day
Odd Jobs £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Assembling Furniture £45/hr £70/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Fixing Stuff £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Hanging & Fitting £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
TV Mounting £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Light Plumbing £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Light Electrical £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Decorating £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Curtains & Blinds £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr
Sealing £45/hr £75/hr £55/hr £75/hr £75/hr

There's a 1 hour minimum charge, then you pay per minute for any time after that. All prices include VAT. If your handyman needs to buy materials to do the job, these will be charged extra. You will be asked to pay for them separately before they leave.
Imagine that you booked a handyman to assemble your new IKEA furniture on a Monday at 5pm. If the job took 1 hour and 20 minutes, you would pay £45 + £15 = £60!


Secure Payment

We verify and pre-authorise your payment card when you confirm a job. You pay once the job is done. It's safe, secure and fast.

Promo Codes

If you're lucky enough to have a promo code, be sure to add it to your account before the job is done to get the discount.